Mitch Kaminski, Director of Engineering Support Services, immediately composed a new design based on the makeshift tester model used to prove our concept on December 8, 2015. He came up with 2 new units we labeled “XC1 Top Hat” models. They are simple, brilliant & elegant. The Gold model, (Gold Hat) is constructed from 3D printed Ultem™ at high heat. The metal components are 316s Stainless, and the Separator is compression molded from our polyphenylene sulfide formula, “ELX24”, sporting a high ratio of carbon black and milled nanotubes. The White model, (White Hat) uses a 3D printed Polycarbonate instead of Ultem™. These models can survive a surprising amount of heat and pressure for 3D printed structures. I picked up Gold Hat on July 28, 2016.